Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to make soft spiders for Halloween

This is a craft thing we started for Halloween last year and didn't finish. But now we have. Don't judge. I never promised you I was the best crafter in the world. I think all you craft bloggers are safe on your thrones for now. 

We have been making soft body spiders.

Halloween crafts

You need:
felt (black for the body, and white or whatever for the features)
8 pipe cleaners (for legs)
toy stuffing
needle and thread
fabric scissors

First cut two spider body shapes out of black felt, and some spidery features out of the other colour. We used white but you can use whatever colour you want.

First sew the features in place on one piece of felt using a needle and thread. Make sure you do them all because once you've sewn the spider together, it's more difficult to add things on.

Then take the pipe cleaners and bend the end of each one back on itself a little (about 2cm is fine). This is so that when you sew them in they don't fall out. Place each leg in position (four on each side, naturally!) and sew on to the second body part nice and tight. Put the thread through and around the bended-back parts of the pipe cleaners so they are secured inside the spider.

Then put the front and back pieces together, and sew around the edges. Leave a hole so that you can put the stuffing in later.

Then stuff with toy stuffing, and sew up the hole, and you're done. 

Don't know what they're good for, but they are very cute*.

*evil, demented, sinister, or beautiful. Choose your own adjective.


  1. Oh he is really cute. My boys love teddies and so any excuse for a new one :O)

  2. Oh that's good! Nice to see people making their own toys.I'd let spider could be a kid's cushion.


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